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AKEL has a scouring capacity of 25 metric tones per day which allows us to process its own scouring line with seven pools and dust machines.
It gives us the flexibility and better control over the scouring process. This ensures that we can supply to the exact needs of our customers and gives us a pricing advantage

     We process all types of wool between 24-40 microns from Turkey, Romania and England. But we can process any type of European wool required by our customers, We also scour on a commission basis. ( For current scouring prices please don�t hesitate contact with us )

" Wool straight off a sheep, known as "greasy wool" or "wool in the grease", contains a high level of valuable lanolin, as well as dirt, dead skin, sweat residue, pesticide, and vegetable matter. Before the wool can be used for commercial purposes, it must be scoured, a process of cleaning the greasy wool."


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