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"We look forward to supplying quality wool at competitive prices"

Established by Mr Ozden Senior in 1990, Akel Tekstil was one of the earliest Turkish companies to play a role in the growth of the wool industry in Turkey and earlist wool scourer in Usak territory.

 Today his son Omer Ozden has continued in the family business and has watched Akel Textile flourish as Turkey becomes a central wool textile and clothing producer and exporter.

 Akel Tekstil has its own scouring facility and has established a firm position in the business of wool product and export in Turkey.

Initially the processing of wool at the Akel Tekstil plant was solely for the domestic needs of the Turkish market. Since that time the company has grown and expanded in response to the ever growing demand of high quality textiles.

Now with an extensive experience Akel Tekstil has extended capacity to export greasy and scoured wool to many worldwide markets and now employs some 50 people and continues to expand and develop its business with a strong focus on exports.

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